Tuesday, 3 July 2012

TITP: Best of the BBC Introducing Stage 2012

So begins the return of the part-time blogger, and what better way to return than by listing some of this weekends best alternatives to Cher Lloyd. T Break, like every year, is the place to be however there are a few spectacular gems to be found on T in the Park's newly resident BBC Introducing Stage.



If you like your music delivered with a swift, metaphorical punch to the face then look no further than Glasgow four-piece, United Fruit. Be prepared for a perfectly executed cacophony of vicious guitars, fierce vocals and ferocious drumming that will blow your mud soaked wellies off your sodden feet.


Glasgow based, Kilmarnock three-piece Fatherson bring their unashamedly Scottish brand of powerpop back to Balado. Following an impressive performance on the T Break stage last year in front of a packed audience, expect an impassioned set filled with rousing vocals and mass sing-alongs.

Last year, Madhat McGore represented the Edinburgh hip-hop scene. This year it's Glasgow's turn in the form of one of the city's freshest duos, Hector Bizerk. Armed with just a mic, a drum kit and plenty of sharp lyrics in a thick Scottish brogue coming at you faster than a 62 down Union St, the setup is simple but the beats are slick. It's this back to basics take on hip-hop that creates such raw energy that can only be truly appreciated in a live setting. Drums. Rap. Yes.


Having played BBC Introducing Stage back in 2010 before going on to sell out venues such as Glasgow's ABC, I think it's safe to say there were a few surprises when Admiral Fallow were announced as one of the twenty chosen "Introducing" bands, not least because of the marvellous reception their second album, Tree Bursts in Snow, received from critics and fans alike on release earlier this year. Nevertheless, whether they deserve to play a bigger stage or not is irrelevant. What is relevant however is the stunning performances Louis Abbot and co deliver time and time again. One of the highlights of the weekend, guaranteed.


Multi-instrumentalist and producer Julian Corrie, aka Miaoux Miaoux, has been creating, producing and performing colourful, synth-infused, dance-pop for a number of years. Already a much loved talent among Scottish music aficionados, Miaoux Miaoux has taken 2012 by storm with the release of his latest album, Light of the North, on Chemikal Underground Records. Now with the backing of a full band, this is truly a performance you don't want to miss. Even if it is just to witness some mesmerising dancing by his (rightly) adoring fans.

I confess, I broke the first rule of my blog. Well, probably the only rule. "Thou shall not feature non-Scottish musicians on thy blog"... or something like that. But I am more than happy to ignore that for a moment to honour one of many fine talents that Northern Ireland continue to breed. Catchier than a STD from a wee dirty in the toilets of the Savoy, let Belfast's own More Than Conquerors win you over with their charm, passion and bucket loads of talent. Normal service will resume shortly.

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