Monday, 12 July 2010

Exclusive: Come Home EP - Julia and the Doogans

Folk fever has swept across Britain with the folk scene in Glasgow gradually blossoming into a beautiful flower. This, however, makes it harder to get yourself noticed with such a wealth of talented musicians (and some not so) vying to be heard. It's just as well then that Julia and the Doogans debut EP is simply stunning.

Despite being released at the tail end of May, this is already a strong contender for my EP of the year. Julia's voice is truly beautiful. Her dulcet, soothing tones help to wash away your troubles as she tells tales of love, loss and longing. Subtle melodies and exquisite instrumentation flow around honest and beautifully poetic lyrics as Julia wears her heart firmly on her sleeve. Trust me when I say, it's hard not to fall in love with this EP.

Julia kindly agreed to give us a little insight into each track.


Come Home

<a href="">Come Home by Julia and the Doogans</a>

"This song is basically about losing someone close. When they're gone life goes on as normal but even though everything looks the same, everything has changed. And for a long time after, everything reminds you of the person."



<a href="">Hummingbird by Julia and the Doogans</a>

"I wont say who this song is about but the idea was someone doing loads for you and meaning a lot. So much so that they become so special to you that you'll never be as giving as them. If tables were turned, you would be selfish. Something like that."



<a href="">Borderline by Julia and the Doogans</a>

"No one writes about that stage in the middle, it's either being in love or falling out of love. When you're in between it can go either way; you can progress to love, or go seperate ways. After a while a decision has to be made."


New York City

<a href="">New York City by Julia and the Doogans</a>

"This is a song about someone leaving for bigger and better things. Quite simply, you wish them success and know that they will prove you wrong and do well."


"But that's what they mean to me. They can mean anything to anyone."

...and that's the beauty of it.

Come Home EP is available now from the Julia and the Doogans' Bandcamp.

You can also buy tickets (at a slightly cheaper price) for Julia's King Tuts gig with Kitty the Lion. Just follow the link to her Bandcamp page.

Find Julia and the Doogans on Myspace, Twitter and Facebook.

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