Monday, 12 July 2010

Leave If You Want To - The Cinnamons

To kick start what is set to be a busy week, The Cinnamons' second single of their 5 Songs of Summer EP is released today.

Leave If You Want To is a throwback to the electronic 80s, choosing a more synth-driven approach as opposed to the guitar pop of the previous single. Even as I write this at 03:06 am in preparation for later on in the day (it's not like me to be organised) I've had it on repeat for the past fifteen minutes. It's a lovely wee track, pure synthy goodness.

Just as a reminder, or for any one who hasn't read my previous post, The Cinnamons will be releasing five singles at various dates throughout Summer 2010 each of which will gradually form the band's next EP set for release in mid August.

So far the band have released two singles, both of which are available as a free download from the band's Bandcamp. Here is a list of the three remaining tracks and their release dates:

July 26th - Where we're Going

August 9th - Soul for Sale

August 16th - Analog Man

Two down, three to go.

Leave If You Want To is available to download now from Bandcamp.

<a href="">Leave If You Want To by the cinnamons</a>

You can also find The Cinnamons on MySpace, Facebook, LastFM, Twitter, and Youtube.

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